James Gilray
Nov 02, 2021
Case Study: How UNICEF Australia Unified Raisely and Salesforce

This article was co-authored with Raisely and can also be found at https://www.raisely.com/blog/how-unicef-australia-unified-raisely-and-salesforce/.

Learn how UNICEF Australia wired Raisely and Salesforce together, and see how the integration drove a range of new organisation-wide capabilities.

Ever heard of UNICEF?

If you haven’t heard the name, you’re bound to be familiar with their work. As a leading humanitarian and development agency, UNICEF provides children around the world with education, health care and nutrition – supporting their long-term development and building brighter futures.

To learn more about their experience with Raisely, Salesforce and MoveData, we sat down with Jennifer Trigg (Community Fundraising Specialist, UNICEF Australia) and Henry Wong (Senior Salesforce Analyst Developer, UNICEF Australia).

Why UNICEF Australia chose Raisely

In 2019 UNICEF Australia completed a review of their technical systems and processes. One (large!) component of this was to review and select a core fundraising platform.

Ultimately, after extensive review of all major systems, UNICEF Australia concluded that Raisely best met their needs in a variety of ways.

Raisely offered:

“Raisely’s responsiveness, attention to detail and general can-do attitude made us feel like we were part of the same team” – Jennifer Trigg, Community Fundraising Specialist, UNICEF Australia

Responding to Crises

UNICEF Australia does an excellent job at responding to crises, so we asked Jennifer Trigg for some key priorities around emergency campaigns:

UNICEF Australia’s campaign for India’s COVID-19 Crisis is a good example of both. It was launched within hours, which meant UNICEF Australia were able to quickly build organic momentum off the back of donors and fundraisers, which ultimately fostered corporate relationships with the likes of Cricket Australia. That campaign has now gone on to raise in excess of $500,000.

“That type of rapid response would be very difficult to achieve without Raisely – because it’s so easy to use, anyone in the team can launch a campaign right then and there” – Jennifer Trigg, Community Fundraising Specialist, UNICEF Australia

Life before Salesforce integration

Before the integration, UNICEF’s process of pulling information out of Raisely and into Salesforce involved:

This was done multiple times per week and – while of critical importance – was very time consuming.

There was also a risk that because the process was manual, there was a chance something might import incorrectly. If this was the case, hundreds of records would need to be reviewed and fixed, and – due to marketing automation being connected – incorrect communications and other business processes could accidentally be triggered.

“Keeping Salesforce up to date used to be a real challenge. Having implemented the MoveData integration, everything is automated and it’s been one of the best technical decisions we’ve made.” – Henry Wong, Senior Salesforce Analyst Developer, UNICEF Australia

Implementing the Raisely to Salesforce integration

The Raisely to Salesforce integration is enabled through Raisely and Salesforce Partner MoveData who have established a turnkey offering which pushes real time information from Raisely APIs (i.e. campaigns, donations, fundraisers etc) into Salesforce.

Outside of the quality of the integration itself, some of the key determining factors for UNICEF Australia were that it:

“There are lots of ways to get information into Salesforce – but the approach Raisely and MoveData have taken means their integration is maintainable, supportable, scalable, and definitely one of the better solutions I’ve come across. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to open the integration up, and that is a massive testament to the quality of the product.” – Henry Wong, Senior Salesforce Analyst Developer, UNICEF Australia

UNICEF Australia now enjoy a range of new capabilities

With data entry now completely solved, UNICEF Australia enjoy many other positives that come with the move. Now, they have:

For Jennifer Trigg, the Raisely/Salesforce/Movedata union provided ideal solutions:

“From a marketing perspective, we can get users into our marketing journeys as quickly as possible. This helps compel people to perform their next action, like making a second gift or becoming a Global Parent.

From a reporting and finance perspective, this union is a game-changer. We can now reconcile in real-time, report in real-time, and then be agile in the actions we’re taking. This was a huge win in terms of our ability to make informed decisions and communicate accurately, both internally and externally.

And for the supporter relations team, when people email or call us with questions, we can jump into Salesforce, see all the activity that a person has performed, and be empowered to deliver timely, accurate and amazing customer service.”