Good2Give Integration for Salesforce

⏰ Integration Frequency

Good2Give file exports are available to download via Good2Give Admin. As soon as the file is uploaded into MoveData associated records are automatically created in Salesforce.

🚀 MoveData: How It Works


⚡ Good2Give Triggers


When a donation is created, updated or refunded in Good2Give, MoveData upserts an opportunity record into Salesforce. The opportunity record is automatically associated with the contact and account representing the Good2Give user making the donation, as well as the Salesforce campaign to which the opportunity relates.

☁️ Salesforce Actions

Create Contact

MoveData will automatically create (or update) a contact in Salesforce whenever contact information is provided by Good2Give. MoveData sets information on the contact record such as first name, last name and email address and relates the contact record with the associated campaign, account and opportunity records. MoveData runs your Salesforce duplicate rules when creating contacts which ensures correctness as per matching criteria defined in Salesforce.

Create Account

MoveData will automatically create (or update) an account in Salesforce whenever account information is provided by Good2Give. This includes support for both household accounts and company accounts and affiliations representing relationships between contact and account records.

Create Opportunity

MoveData will automatically create (or update) an opportunity in Salesforce whenever donation information is provided by Good2Give. MoveData sets information on the opportunity record such as amount, stage, close date, description, donor contact etc and relates the opportunity record with the associated campaign, contact and account records.

Create Campaign

MoveData will automatically create (or update) a campaign in Salesforce whenever campaign information is provided by Good2Give. MoveData supports campaign scenarios for both: 1. Allocating donations to Workplace Giving and Employer Matching campaigns, or 2. Allocating donations to campaigns representing the employer responsible for facilitating workplace giving and employer matching donations.

⚙️ Salesforce Customisation

MoveData can be easily customised to support your Salesforce data model and business logic requirements. This may apply to organisations who have customised Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and to those who do not use Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack at all. Once the required customisations are identified we implement extensions to support those customisations which ensure the necessary information is set when data automatically imports from connected platforms. To learn more please complete the form on this page or book a demo.

💰 Good2Give Integration Pricing
Monthly subscription

The Good2Give integration for Salesforce is available on the MoveData Starter plan 😊

  • Good2Give to Salesforce integration
  • Unlimited monthly tasks
  • Smart duplicate rules
  • Integration configuration engine
  • MoveData Salesforce App
  • Ticketed support
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    Powering Nonprofits who use Salesforce worldwide
    "Keeping Salesforce up to date used to be a real challenge. Having implemented the MoveData integration, everything is automated and it’s been one of the best technical decisions we’ve made."
    Henry Wong, Senior Salesforce Analyst Developer, UNICEF Australia
    "I can’t even tell you how many hours this has cut back. To have it all working is extraordinary."
    Lauren Stewart
    Senior Manager Systems and Data, The Alfred Foundation
    "We depend on MoveData to deliver tens of thousands of real-time donations and registrations into Salesforce - so we can successfully run the World's Greatest Shave and our other major campaigns."
    Glen Shields,
    Head of Data & Analytics Leukaemia Foundation
    "The MoveData integration has helped us be much more effective in our fundraising. Implementing the integration made us realise there was a lot more we could actually do in Salesforce – far more than we had originally thought!"
    Larissa Wiese
    Marketing and Communications Manager Breast Cancer Care WA
    "Real time integration allows us to run timely and contextual marketing automation. Because of this, we have seen improved metrics across the board as people engage with their fundraising more actively."
    Conor Nolan
    Digital Executive
    Cure Cancer Australia
    "The piece that was pivotal for us was the ability to financially track our fundraisers. This was hard to manage with our previous processes – MoveData has seamlessly solved something which was always very time consuming, manual and open for errors."
    Jo Flanagan
    Development Services Manager
    Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
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