James Gilray
Nov 14, 2021
Case Study: How Alfred Foundation Saved Time and Increased Staff Efficiency

This article was co-authored with Raisely and can also be found at https://www.raisely.com/blog/how-alfred-foundation-saved-time-and-increased-staff-efficiency-through-one-simple-integration/.

Better systems mean better outcomes. It just makes sense! And that’s exactly what The Alfred Foundation found when they joined Raisely and jumped on board with MoveData. Read on to learn more about their Raisely-to-Salesforce integration; how it helped them save time, smooth their system and increase staff efficiency across the board.

Tell us about The Alfred Foundation and your most recent campaign.

The Alfred Foundation raises funds to support the incredible work of The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne.

The Alfred was born 150 years ago at a time of tremendous challenges. Through bushfires and wars, from the Spanish flu to COVID-19, we’ve always confronted adversity with humanity, caring deeply and working resolutely for anyone in need.

Today, The Alfred serves the whole of Victoria. We continue to grow, shaping the future of healthcare to deliver an extraordinary range of expertise.

This year our 150th Anniversary Appeal celebrated stories of human spirit. Of the great triumphs born out of the most trying of times. A true hospital built by the people for the people, the invaluable contributions of our community have been integral to our extraordinary achievements and help ensure our impact for generations to come.

Why did you select Raisely for your online fundraising?

Around 2019, we conducted a review of our systems and met with all the main fundraising platforms. As soon as we saw its capabilities, Raisely was the instant stand-out:

“We thought – this is different, this is far better than anything we have ever seen. It’s going to cost us absolutely nothing to set up a slick-looking campaign with very little effort. There aren’t any catches!” – Lauren Stewart, Senior Manager Systems and Data, The Alfred Foundation

What were you doing prior to the Raisely to Salesforce integration?

When we launched with Raisely, we happened to be at the pointy end of migrating over to Salesforce for fundraising too. We needed to connect data from Raisely into Salesforce, and at the time, Zapier presented an easy way to achieve this.

But, as our needs became clearer, we realised Zapier wasn’t a ‘forever’’ solution for us. Using Zapier, there was only so much we could do. We had to forgo anything to do with campaigns, community fundraising, recurring donations which were really important to us as a fundraising organisation. In the end, we were still doing a lot of manual work to restructure and enhance the records Zapier created, and we wanted to improve our capabilities.

Don’t get us wrong: Zapier is an excellent tool, and quickly enables seamless integration between Raisely and other systems. But representing your fundraising information in Salesforce is inherently complex, and we needed a deeper tool to more sophistically integrate with Salesforce.

Then we found out about MoveData, and the partnership with Raisely – together, they’ve taken things to a whole other level for us.

“MoveData + Raisely is a much better, far more integrated and automated solution than what we had before with Zapier. We’re able to do so much more with it.” – Lauren Stewart, Senior Manager Systems and Data, The Alfred Foundation

How are you finding the Raisely to Salesforce Integration?

We launched our Raisely to Salesforce integration only a couple of weeks before our 150th Anniversary Appeal and immediately experienced gains in:

Would you recommend Raisely and MoveData to others?

Absolutely – Raisely, MoveData and Salesforce together are fantastic! Connecting them all together was an absolute breeze and we were able to draw upon significant experience, expertise and advice, which – as a small team – has been hugely beneficial.

It felt like a real partnership. Raisely and MoveData went completely above and beyond – they’ve had a massive impact on what we’ve been able to achieve and have enabled us to evolve as an organisation.

“I can’t even tell you how many hours this has cut back. To have it all working is extraordinary.” – Lauren Stewart, Senior Manager Systems and Data, The Alfred Foundation