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    CSV upload (download report from Facebook Page Settings).

    Systems integrationSetup

    Click New Integration from the integrations screen to setup your Facebook integration. This takes all of two minutes to configure – for more information read our Facebook Documentation.

    flashFacebook Triggers

    card Donation

    When a donation is processed from Facebook, MoveData creates (or updates) a corresponding opportunity record in Salesforce. This opportunity is automatically associated with the appropriate contact and/or account making the donation and Salesforce campaign to which the opportunity relates.

    cloudSalesforce Records

    For complete information (including all objects and fields created by default) see our Data Library. Integrations can be easily extended to support custom information captured in Facebook and/or particular business rules as data is pushed into Salesforce.

    Create Contact

    MoveData creates (or updates) contact records whenever Facebook provides donor information. Contacts are automatically associated with campaigns, accounts and/or opportunity records representing their actions in Facebook. This provides a holistic view of contacts and their actions in Facebook allowing you to automate reporting, marketing, support and other downstream initiatives through Salesforce. MoveData uses your Salesforce duplicate rules when creating contacts to determine if a record already exists and if so append data to that existing record. The Facebook integration also includes support to consolidate anonymous donations and fundraising pages against a single master anonymous contact to preserve storage limits in Salesforce.

    Create Account

    MoveData creates (or updates) account records whenever Facebook provides donor information. This includes support for both household and organisation accounts (the latter in contexts where the user has made a company donation). Accounts are automatically associated with contacts, campaigns and/or opportunity records representing the actions of that account and its affiliated contact(s) in Facebook. As with contacts, MoveData uses your Salesforce duplicate rules when creating accounts to determine if a record already exists and if so append data to that existing record.

    Create Campaign

    MoveData creates (or updates) campaign records whenever fundraiser information is provided by Facebook. Campaigns are automatically associated with their respective contact, account and/or opportunity records.

    Create Opportunity

    MoveData creates (or updates) opportunity records whenever donation information is provided by Facebook. Opportunities are automatically associated with their respective campaign, contact, and/or account records.

    Systems integrationCustomise your Facebook Integration

    MoveData integrations are fully customisable and can be quickly extended to fit your exact needs. Often organisations will capture custom information in Facebook which they need stored in Salesforce and/or require information to be pushed into Salesforce according to a particular set of business rules. MoveData supplies a set of visual workflows (Salesforce Lightning Flows) which map out-of-the-box to Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) – these can be easily extended to accommodate new logic in your integration. For more information view our Worked Examples or Ask MoveData to customise your Facebook to Salesforce integration for you.

    $ Facebook Integration Pricing

    CSV Plan
    Intelligently connect information from Facebook directly into Salesforce via CSV
    Monthly subscription

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    Keeping Salesforce up to date used to be a real challenge. With MoveData everything is automated and it’s been one of the best technical decisions we’ve made!

    Henry Wong Senior Salesforce Analyst Developer, UNICEF Australia

    War Child UK saves 67.5 hours per month by using MoveData

    Yvonne Small Database Coordinator, War Child UK

    I can’t even tell you how many hours this has saved us. To have all our data integrated into Salesforce is extraordinary!

    Lauren Stewart Senior Manager Systems and Data, The Alfred Foundation

    Having implemented MoveData everything is so much more efficient – all that wasted time is gone!

    Kate Griffiths Income Generation & Engagement Manager and Data Protection Officer, The Fire Fighter’s Charity

    MoveData has made our life so much easier!

    Maria Papaly CRM Development Manager, Oxfam Australia

    MoveData delivers thousands of data points into Salesforce every day - this allows us to successfully run World's Greatest Shave and our other major campaigns

    Glen Shields Head of Data & Analytics, Leukaemia Foundation

    MoveData has helped us be much more effective in our fundraising - it cut out so much of the admin that swamped us last year!

    Larissa Wiese Marketing and Communications Manager Breast Cancer Care WA

    The MoveData team are amazing! I would recommend their integrations to any non-profit that is looking to better manage and automate their incoming data flows.

    Conor Nolan Digital Executive, Cure Cancer Australia

    The efficiency, accuracy and time savings have been a game changer for our foundation. I cannot recommend MoveData highly enough!

    Carolyn Campbell Operations, Shake It Up Australia Foundation

    MoveData are excellent to work with - I would recommend their services to anyone seeking to integrate fundraising and donation data into Salesforce

    Emma Karst Digital Marketing Specialist, Caritas Australia

    MoveData integrations are flexible, accurate and easy to use - and have already saved us loads of admin time. Thank you so much!

    Jo Price IT Integration and Transformation Manager, Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation

    A really positive experience - the MoveData team are knowledgeable, responsive and great at problem solving

    Katrina Locandro Marketing & Communications Manager, Liptember Foundation

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