James Gilray
Nov 08, 2020
New Integration: Use MoveData to integrate Funraisin' with Salesforce!

Funraisin’ is an international fundraising and event management platform used by leading nonprofit organisations to run online peer to peer fundraising, events, community fundraising initiatives and power organisation brand websites. Being fully customisable, Funraisin puts control back in the hands of nonprofits to deliver amazing online experiences to supporters and in doing so increase funds raised. Packed with features, organisations can create beautiful web pages, track the value of online and offline channels in driving donations and peer to peer registrations, sell tickets and merchandise, create device-specific experiences, and much more.

MoveData is pleased to announce support for Funraisin’! The integration automatically connects Funraisin’ APIs with Salesforce to generate highly structured real time donation, contact, account and campaign records automatically in Salesforce. Includes support for Peer to Peer Fundraising, DIY Fundraising, Donations, Appeals, Recurring Giving and a host of other Funraisin’ features. The integration is fully configurable and can easily be extended to accomodate custom fields, objects and unique workflows inside your Salesforce – so that it just works with your current setup. Never upload another CSV file again! Baseline configuration for Nonprofit Success Pack is as follows; the integration equally works with non-NPSP accounts too:

Funraisin' → Opportunities in Salesforce

When a donation is made through Funraisin’, MoveData automatically creates an opportunity record inside Salesforce. The donation is automatically related to the originating campaign and contact / account responsible for making the donation. The integration also includes support for custom questions, refunded donations, donations made anonymously, settled recurring donation opportunities and a range of other donation scenarios.

Funraisin' → Recurring Donations in Salesforce

When a recurring donation is made through Funraisin’, MoveData automatically creates a recurring donation record in Salesforce. Salesforce automatically creates a series of pledged opportunities associated with the recurring donation, and these are updated as “closed won” as subsequent donations related to the originating recurring donation are processed by Funraisin’.

Funraisin' → Contacts & Accounts in Salesforce

When a donation, recurring donation, peer to peer fundraising page or DIY fundraiser is created through Funraisin’, MoveData automatically creates contact and account records in Salesforce (running your Salesforce duplicate rules each and every time to ensure there is no record duplication inside Salesforce). Contact and account records are created with complete information as provided by Funraisin’ (first name, last name, email address, mobile phone number, postal address – etc) and fundamentally house all associated donations, recurring donations, fundraising pages and other such information related to that contact and account.

Funraisin' → Campaigns in Salesforce

MoveData automatically creates campaigns in Salesforce which correspond to your Funraisin’ campaigns (equally, these can be linked to already-created campaigns inside Salesforce). For peer to peer and DIY fundraising, MoveData also creates nested child campaigns representing teams and fundraisers within those initiatives – complete with all associated page data including associated contact, fundraising page name, fundraising page URL, fundraising target, fundraising amount raised etc. Naturally, campaigns will reflect all opportunities associated with them and, in the case of peer to peer and DIY fundraising, a comprehensive child campaign hierarchy.

The Funraisin’ integration is very much plug and play and will save your organisation a significant amount of time which would otherwise be spent on data entry. So, if you would like to use the Funraisin’ integration then get in touch!