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James Gilray
Feb 09, 2021
MoveData adds support for Peer to Peer Soft Crediting

Soft credits are a fundraising concept that represent recognition of credit for donations. By extending Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack’s Opportunity Contact Roles functionality, MoveData offers an automated solution for soft crediting in a Peer-to-Peer context:

This allows you to better understand a contact’s fundraising history and their level of influence. Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack aggregates soft credit totals using rollup fields so you can easily understand and report on fundraiser influence:

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack calculates soft credit rollups via nightly batch, so you won’t see an immediate change to a Contact’s soft credit rollup fields. If you want to see updates immediately, your administrator can manually recalculate rollups.

Watch the demonstration video:


The logic set out above can be configured for any specific soft crediting rules your organisation requires. Please reach out to your account manager if you would like this enabled in your Salesforce Org.