Published 19 May 2023

Case Study: How PSPA Integrated JustGiving with Salesforce

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Here’s a quick case study on PSPA, a UK charity that managed to free up approximately 390 hours per year by connecting JustGiving and Salesforce.

Who is PSPA?

PSPA is the only UK charity dedicated to creating a better future for everyone affected by PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) and CBD (Corticobasal Degeneration).

These are progressive neurological conditions caused by the premature loss of nerve cells in certain parts of the brain. There is currently no treatment or cure for both of these conditions.

PSPA’s purpose is to create a better future for everyone affected by PSP & CBD. Their goals are to:

  • Enable people living with PSP & CBD and their families to live their best lives possible with high quality support and information
  • Improve the quality of life of people living with PSP & CBD through research, education and awareness raising
  • Put the voice of people living with PSP or CBD at the heart of what PSPA does

You can find out more about PSPA’s three year strategy here.

PSPA & JustGiving

PSPA relies on fundraising to provide support and information to people living with PSP & CBD, and to fund research into treatments and ultimately a cure for these conditions. JustGiving has been utilised since PSPA was established and supports a range of use cases including appeals and once off donations, regular gifts, community fundraising and events.

“JustGiving has been my go-to fundraising platform over the past 10+ years. I find the system intuitive and easy to navigate, and their customer support has always been excellent for both us as a charity and also for our supporters.”

– Sarah Day, Challenge Events Manager, PSPA

The importance of Salesforce

PSPA transitioned to Salesforce in 2018 having identified it as a mature and adaptable platform capable of effectively supporting their charity’s operations.

One immediate observation was that the effectiveness of Salesforce depended on the quality and quantity of data inputted into it. As such, PSPA took a data-centric approach to Salesforce – embracing the principle that if information was not in Salesforce then it didn’t exist. To this day, PSPA diligently logs all constituent information and their interactions with their charity within Salesforce.

This approach provides PSPA with comprehensive intelligence across all aspects of their operations. Salesforce is utilised for a range of purposes including support, marketing, administration, fundraising, appeals, events, volunteering, grants, and the delivery of services to everyone affected by PSP & CBD.

Given JustGiving serves as the primary source of donations and fundraising it was fundamentally important that JustGiving information was present in Salesforce.

Manually importing JustGiving into Salesforce

Prior to MoveData PSPA manually exported CSV reports from JustGiving.

The process to import this information into Salesforce required significant human effort whereby:

  1. Reports were downloaded from JustGiving
  2. Data was converted into a more useable format using Excel
  3. Where possible Salesforce IDs would be added to the Excel file (if not, records would need to be manually created in Salesforce and added to the Excel file by hand)
  4. Once complete the Excel file would be imported into Salesforce using Dataloader

This would be performed 4-6 times per month and depending on how many rows were present in each report, the process could take around 7.5 hours effort to complete.

Automating JustGiving to Salesforce using MoveData

PSPA had tried using Zapier to connect JustGiving into Salesforce without much success. Zapier is an excellent tool in its own right (and PSPA use it to integrate other income streams into Salesforce), but the complexity of the JustGiving data and requirements as to how it needed to be presented in Salesforce were too complicated for Zapier to support. At the same time, a custom integration would be cost-prohibitive to develop and maintain.

MoveData was recommended to PSPA by peers at a Salesforce Nonprofit User Group. After organising a demonstration, PSPA identified that MoveData could automatically import JustGiving information and record that information inside Salesforce as per the Nonprofit Success Pack data model.

“The out-of-the-box product fulfilled most of our needs, and MoveData went the extra mile to fine-tune the integration – ensuring a seamless fit with our specific rules and processes within Salesforce”

– Debbie Benadie, Office Manager, PSPA

Once live, PSPA calculated that over the course of a year the integration would free up approximately 390 hours – time which had previously been spent manually importing reports to keep Salesforce up to date with JustGiving information.

Is MoveData worth the investment?

MoveData’s JustGiving to Salesforce integration costs £149 as a monthly subscription. When asked about return on investment:

“The time we have saved and accuracy we have gained vastly outweigh the monthly fee to use MoveData. I wholeheartedly recommend MoveData to other charities utilising JustGiving and Salesforce. They have consistently delivered excellent support and demonstrated great flexibility in meeting our specific needs.”

– Debbie Benadie, Office Manager, PSPA

Connect JustGiving and Salesforce with MoveData

Thank you Debbie and PSPA. If you’re thinking about connecting JustGiving with Salesforce please schedule a demo.

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What people are saying about MoveData

Keeping Salesforce up to date used to be a real challenge. With MoveData everything is automated and it’s been one of the best technical decisions we’ve made!

Henry Wong Senior Salesforce Analyst Developer, UNICEF Australia

War Child UK saves 67.5 hours per month by using MoveData

Yvonne Small Database Coordinator, War Child UK

I can’t even tell you how many hours this has saved us. To have all our data integrated into Salesforce is extraordinary!

Lauren Stewart Senior Manager Systems and Data, The Alfred Foundation

Having implemented MoveData everything is so much more efficient – all that wasted time is gone!

Kate Griffiths Income Generation & Engagement Manager and Data Protection Officer, The Fire Fighter’s Charity

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Maria Papaly CRM Development Manager, Oxfam Australia

MoveData delivers thousands of data points into Salesforce every day - this allows us to successfully run World's Greatest Shave and our other major campaigns

Glen Shields Head of Data & Analytics, Leukaemia Foundation

MoveData has helped us be much more effective in our fundraising - it cut out so much of the admin that swamped us last year!

Larissa Wiese Marketing and Communications Manager Breast Cancer Care WA

The MoveData team are amazing! I would recommend their integrations to any non-profit that is looking to better manage and automate their incoming data flows.

Conor Nolan Digital Executive, Cure Cancer Australia

The efficiency, accuracy and time savings have been a game changer for our foundation. I cannot recommend MoveData highly enough!

Carolyn Campbell Operations, Shake It Up Australia Foundation

MoveData are excellent to work with - I would recommend their services to anyone seeking to integrate fundraising and donation data into Salesforce

Emma Karst Digital Marketing Specialist, Caritas Australia

MoveData integrations are flexible, accurate and easy to use - and have already saved us loads of admin time. Thank you so much!

Jo Price IT Integration and Transformation Manager, Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation

A really positive experience - the MoveData team are knowledgeable, responsive and great at problem solving

Katrina Locandro Marketing & Communications Manager, Liptember Foundation

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