James Gilray
Aug 05, 2020
Case Study: How Chris O'Brien Lifehouse saved 1,200 Hours of Manual Data Import Each Year

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is a not-for-profit, comprehensive cancer hospital with a mission to improve quality of life for patients, carers and their families. They do this by advancing understanding, diagnosis, treatment, cure and prevention – specialising in cancers which are complex and rare. Chris O’Brien Lifehouse conducts a broad range of fundraising initiatives to support their mission and identified MoveData as a solution which would save significant time and effort – by streamlining data import into Salesforce.

Read on to learn how MoveData added integrations with Grassrootz, Pixo and Good2Give to save approximately 1,200 hours of manual time spent importing data over the calendar year.

SurFebruary and Grassrootz

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse had an important upcoming campaign in SurFebruary – which sees surfers catch a wave each day in February to raise funds for cancer research at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. To manage SurFebruary effectively, real time integration between Grassrootz and Salesforce was required. MoveData already supported a Grassrootz → Salesforce integration, so after making small configuration changes to support third party applications already installed in Chris O’Brien Lifehouse’s Salesforce, the integration was live.

Adding support for Pixo, Good2Give and Everyday Hero

If you’ve read our other blog posts and case studies you’ll notice a trend – one of the core strengths of MoveData is that it takes notifications from different platforms and pushes into Salesforce using a standard data structure. This allowed Chris O’Brien Lifehouse to leverage mappings and workflows already installed in the Grassrootz integration, and essentially “turn on” new data sources in Pixo, Good2Give and Everyday Hero. Not only did this enable significant time saving in automating regular data import from additional platforms – but we were able to deliver these additional integrations quickly cost effectively due to the standard data structure approach.

The piece that was pivotal for us was the ability to financially track our fundraisers. This was hard to manage with our previous processes – MoveData has seamlessly solved something which was always very time consuming, manual and open for errors.
~ Jo Flanagan (Development Services Manager)

How much time did Chris O’Brien Lifehouse actually save?

Data was previously exported out of source platforms as CSV files and transformed into a common structure which staff would then upload into Salesforce. The manual effort Chris O’Brien Lifehouse spent exporting, transforming, uploading and checking imports prior to MoveData was:

When added up this equates to roughly 1,200 hours, or 150 working days, saved over the calendar year.

The most effective outcome for us is the ability to steward our donors more strategically. We are able to reach out to them much faster than before. We have also managed to decrease the amount of duplicate data which in itself is a great win.
~ Jo Flanagan (Development Services Manager)

Want to use MoveData?

MoveData is a fast, easy and affordable way for Nonprofits to push real time data into Salesforce. Because our integrations are built specifically for Nonprofits who use Salesforce, what you’ll receive is deeper than anything you could create using Zapier, more configurable than anything provided out of the box by a platform, and cheaper to implement than a traditional bespoke integration. Book a demo today!

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