Technical Support Agreement

Last Updated: April 4, 2024

Prepared By MoveData
Prepared For You


1. Overview

1.1. MoveData provides general and technical support to all customers who use MoveData. You can contact MoveData Support by submitting a ticket at

1.2. Response time is one business day for requests prioritised as “high” and three business days for requests prioritised as “medium” or lower. Resolution time varies according to the nature of your request. Where resolution is required we will attempt to resolve your query in the shortest amount of time reasonably possible.

1.3. Support requests typically fall into the four categories as defined at This technical support agreement relates only to the category of “Customisations Requests and/or Salesforce Support” given support for all other categories are included in your MoveData subscription. This category of support request requires the assigning of a MoveData resource to conduct technical investigation and/or delivery of technical functionality unique to your Salesforce Org and as such this is a paid service which operates in parallel to your MoveData subscription. To use this service, a technical support package must be in place; this allows MoveData to provide the necessary resources to deliver against your requirements and support your configuration as it evolves over time.

2. Conditions

2.1. Technical support agreements contain the following conditions:

  • Duration of prepaid credit is 12 months from the date of purchase (after which any unused hours will expire)
  • Effort is charged in 15-minute increments and deducted from the available balance
  • Should you run out of available balance additional prepaid packages can be purchased at any time
  • All effort MoveData spends attending to your requests will be deducted (this includes reviewing, managing, investigating, preparing, attending, training, communicating, and all technical support including scoping, configuring, developing, coding etc)
  • Delivery of technical services is governed by MoveData’s Consulting Services Agreement
  • MoveData may elect to deliver customisation requests on an ah-hoc or fixed price basis but this is at MoveData’s sole discretion
  • MoveData acknowledges that there can be overlap between “general” Salesforce configuration and MoveData-specific customisation requests and/or Salesforce support but explicitly notes that the technical support package is designed to provide support and advancement of your MoveData integrations and not general Salesforce support which would be better serviced by an internal System Administrator or traditional Salesforce Partner

3. Selected Package

3.1. Packages are available in the hourly blocks available at

Package Selected As detailed in your Invoice
Package Price As detailed in your Invoice
Package Commencement Date your Invoice is Paid
Package Expiry +1 year from Package Commencement


4. Legal Information

4.1. This agreement is governed by MoveData’s Consulting Services Agreement. For other legal information please see

4.2. By purchasing a Technical Support Package you agree to these terms.