Support at MoveData

Last Updated: October 24, 2023

MoveData provides general and technical support to all customers who use MoveData. You can contact MoveData Support by submitting a ticket at

Response Time

Support is monitored between the hours of 8am-11pm AEST Monday to Friday. Response time is one business day for requests prioritised as “high” and three business days for requests prioritised as “medium” or lower. Resolution time varies according to the nature of your request. Where resolution is required we will attempt to resolve your query in the shortest amount of time reasonably possible.

Types of Support Requests

Support requests fall into the following four categories. These are best illustrated by way of example:

Request Type Example Paid Service
General Request Hi, we have been getting some activity through Just Giving and Raisely lately and so we wanted to test the MoveData integration for these platforms in a sandbox before turning it on in Production. I have read through the documentation and it looks like we can do everything ourselves. I just wanted to confirm that you didn’t need to do anything on your end before we begin? No
Knowledge Base Request I have a duplicate rule that alerts on ALL of the email fields. How do I make sure that MoveData will check against ALL email addresses on the contact record for contact matching purposes? No
Feature Request We are working on a reconciliation project, across all our income methods, to consolidate and match to Stripe data. We are missing a single field, Balance Transaction Id for the charge. This data is in the Raisely Payload, but not in the MoveData Payload. Can this data be used, and how do we access it? Assuming we can access this value we can then accommodate it in the MoveData Flows. No (subject to MoveData agreeing to take on the request)
Customisations Requests and/or Salesforce Support We are in the process of adding Payments2Us into our Salesforce environment and they have two new Peer-to-Peer campaign record types. What is now happening is that the campaigns being created by MoveData are picking up one of the new P2Us campaign record types rather than our original one. I have tried deselecting the new record types from the campaign object on the Administrator profile but that doesn’t seem to work. Are you able to update the integration to set the Fundraising record type now that Payments2Us seems to be overriding the default record type applied? Yes


Customisation Requests & Salesforce Support

Since general, knowledge base and feature requests are offered as a component of your MoveData subscription this leaves the category of customisation requests & Salesforce support. Clients will typically resolve such queries in one of two ways:

  • Resolve internally or with your Salesforce Partner
    Clients with Salesforce Administrator skills or a Salesforce Partner may elect to resolve such requests themselves. In this case, MoveData will take all reasonable measures to aid your query but is unable look into your specific Salesforce Org.
  • Resolve via MoveData
    If it is not practical to resolve internally, clients can engage MoveData to complete their customisation request and/or provide the necessary Salesforce support. To use this service, a prepaid support package must be in place; this allows MoveData to provide the necessary resources to deliver against your requirements and support your configuration as it evolves over time.

Prepaid Packages

Customisation Requests & Salesforce Support is available in the following packages:

Package Package Price Effective Hourly Rate
8h Prepaid Depending on your locale:

  • AU$1,600+GST
  • £960
  • US$1,040
  • NZ$1,760
  • €960
Depending on your locale:

  • AU$200+GST
  • £120
  • US$130
  • NZ$220
  • €120
20h Prepaid Depending on your locale:

  • AU$3,500+GST
  • £2,100
  • US$2,300
  • NZ$3,900
  • €2,100
Depending on your locale:

  • AU$175+GST
  • £105
  • US$115
  • NZ$195
  • €105
40h Prepaid Depending on your locale:

  • AU$6,000+GST
  • £3,600
  • US$4,000
  • NZ$6,600
  • €3,600
Depending on your locale:

  • AU$150+GST
  • £90
  • US$100
  • NZ$165
  • €90


MoveData provides measures to view available balance, balance expiry, and work logs amongst other things.

Prepaid Packages – Conditions

Prepaid support packages contain the following conditions:

  • Duration of prepaid credit is 12 months from the date of purchase (after which any unused hours will expire)
  • Effort is charged in 15-minute increments and deducted from the available balance
  • Should you run out of available balance additional prepaid packages can be purchased at any time
  • All effort MoveData spends attending to your requests will be deducted (this includes reviewing, managing, investigating, preparing, attending, training, communicating, and all technical support including scoping, configuring, developing, coding etc)
  • Delivery of technical services is governed by MoveData’s Consulting Services Agreement
  • MoveData may elect to deliver customisation requests on an ah-hoc or fixed price basis outside of the prepaid package but this is at MoveData’s sole discretion
  • MoveData acknowledges that there can be overlap between “general” Salesforce configuration and MoveData-specific customisation requests and/or Salesforce support but explicitly notes that the prepaid support package is designed to provide support and advancement of your MoveData integrations and not general Salesforce support which would be better serviced by an internal System Administrator or traditional Salesforce Partner