James Gilray
Sep 05, 2020
MoveData adds support for PayPal Giving Fund

PayPal Giving Fund facilitates donations made via PayPal, Facebook and GoFundMe. PayPal Giving Fund doesn’t charge your charity a fee for its services. To use PayPal Giving Fund, all your charity needs is a verified and active PayPal business account. To learn more about PayPal Giving Fund click here.

MoveData is pleased to announce support for PayPal Giving Fund! This integration supports donations made via PayPal, Facebook, GoFundMe and HumbleBundle via PayPal Giving Fund!

The integration is a CSV upload (PayPal Giving Fund does not offer API connectivity at the time of writing) and supports automated import of PayPal Giving Fund’s real time donation export, which is later reconciled against PayPal Giving Fund’s payout export. Baseline configuration for Nonprofit Success Pack is as follows:

PayPal Giving Fund → Campaigns in Salesforce

MoveData automatically creates a campaign for PayPal Giving Fund which parents child campaigns PayPal, Facebook and GoFundMe. Faceboook and GoFundMe parent child campaigns representing associated fundraising initiatives on those platforms, and PayPal parents child campaigns for PayPal Donations, PayPal Mobile App Donations and Humble Bundle donations. This enables easy reporting across PayPal Giving Fund, while also allowing you to drill down into the detail of individual peer-to-peer and community fundraising campaigns.

PayPal Giving Fund → Contacts & Accounts in Salesforce

Where contact information is provided by PayPal Giving Fund, MoveData will automatically create contact and account records inside Salesforce (running your Salesforce duplicate rules each time to prevent record duplication) and link campaign and opportunity information to those records. In the case of Facebook and Humble Bundle, contact information is often unavailable and in this case MoveData will map to a master Anonymous contact and account record to preserve your Salesforce data limits.

PayPal Giving Fund → Opportunities in Salesforce

MoveData automatically creates opportunity records for each payment received via PayPal Giving Fund. In the specific case of Humble Bundle, where you may receive thousands of anonymous $1 donations over a short period of time, MoveData will sum and consolidate these into a single opportunity record to preserve your Salesforce data limits.

PayPal Giving Fund is a really easy integration to get up and running and we have been told it is saving Nonprofits a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent manually exporting, transforming and importing PayPal Giving Fund data into Salesforce. If you would like to use the PayPal Giving Fund integration then get in touch!