James Gilray
Apr 17, 2020
Case Study: How Cure Cancer used MoveData to automate Email and SMS campaigns

Since 1967, Cure Cancer Australia has raised over $69.1m to support life saving research across all cancer types. Throughout their 53 year history they have directly funded 528 grants to young researchers who have fresh, bold and innovative ideas – many of whom have gone on to become leaders in cancer research globally. Making good use of Grassrootz and Everyday Hero for their Community Fundraising initiatives, Cure Cancer identified MoveData as the best-in-class tool to automatically integrate real-time fundraising information into Salesforce.

Importing data was difficult prior to MoveData

Before implementing MoveData, Cure Cancer needed to manually import fundraising and donation CSV files from third party platforms into Salesforce. For each platform Cure Cancer used they would manually export the files, manipulate and review using a combination of Excel and Jitterbit, and then import into Salesforce.

This would take approximately one hour to perform each time data needed to be imported into Salesforce, and this process could be repeated up to three times a week. That rolls up to 156 hours annually, which is the equivalent of nearly twenty 9am-5pm full working days – without any time for lunch breaks. And these numbers were based on just one fundraising platform in Grassrootz.

Continuing to operate in this manner was not the best use of anyone’s time, and thus Cure Cancer looked to MoveData for real time data integration into Salesforce.

Working with MoveData was really easy. Our Salesforce instance has some minor customisations which MoveData quickly supported and since then we haven’t touched the integration. Data comes through in real time automatically and builds all of the expected structures in Salesforce.
~ Jolene Tan (Lead Salesforce Administrator)

Using MoveData to run marketing automation using Pardot and Twilio

Once real time integration was added to Cure Cancer’s Salesforce instance it was easy to trigger Pardot and Twilio to run email and SMS campaigns:

In addition to welcoming the fundraiser to the Cure Cancer family, these communications sought out to capture the proposed date of the event so that lead up, reminder and post-event communications could be triggered around the date of the barbecue. Further communications were sent to incentivise the fundraiser using a range of triggers which included items like fundraising status versus date of signup and fundraising milestones such as $250 fundraised or 75% of fundraising target reached. These triggers were based on formulas in Salesforce which calculated, for instance, the current value of opportunities related to that fundraiser with status of closed-won.

Real time data integration allows us to run timely and contextual marketing automation. Information sent by MoveData plugs straight into our existing tools like Pardot and Twilio, and we have seen improved metrics across the board as people engage with their fundraising more actively. Because of this, overall fundraising is going up.
~ Conor Nolan (Digital Executive at Cure Cancer)

Does your Nonprofit need real time data and marketing automation?

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