James Gilray
Apr 01, 2020
New Integration: Integrate Workplace Giving Information from Good2Give into Salesforce

Good2Give is a not-for-profit technology platform which makes it easy for businesses, employees and customers to support communities and causes they care about. Founded in 2001, Good2Give processes millions of transactions annually and has facilitated in excess of $225 million in funds raised for more than 8,000 Australian and international communities.

How the Good2Give Salesforce integration works

Good2Give produces a monthly donation file which contains a range of workplace giving information over the reporting period. Most of the fields are simple to read and straightforward to map, run deduplication rules and programmatically upsert into Salesforce creating the relevant contact, account, campaign and opportunity records.

One of the difficulties in the Good2Give data structure is with respect to donation types which can be either workplace giving or employer matched. To accommodate this the MoveData integration builds related employer and employee opportunity records and rolls both up into an employer campaign (like 2020_WPG_GOOGLE). This allows easy and holistic employer reporting and automation.

At the time of writing, Good2Give does not have an API interface so the monthly workplace giving files need to be exported from Good2Give and uploaded into Salesforce using the MoveData app. Contact, account, campaign and opportunity records are then automatically created for every line item in the file. Once an API interface is made available by Good2Give it will be added into MoveData so that entries can be received and processed automatically without requiring human upload of the monthly file.

Easily implement the Good2Give Salesforce integration for your organisation

The Good2Give Salesforce integration works out of the box with Nonprofit Success Pack, without the need for developers to get involved or changes made to your Salesforce instance. Best of all, using MoveData for the Good2Give Salesforce integration will also open your organisation up to automatic real time integration from other industry platforms including Everyday Hero, PayPal, Funraisin’, Raisely, Grassrootz and a host of others you might use (which also work out of the box). Adding these integrations will will not only save you time and free up resources to focus on higher value activities – they will also enable new sales, marketing and reporting capabilities thanks to automated real time information pushing into Salesforce.

Sounds good?

If you think your organisation can benefit from the Good2Give Salesforce integration then visit our contact page or pick up the phone for a friendly chat. By using MoveData it is faster, easier and more affordable than you might think to automatically integrate donation, fundraising and registration information with Salesforce!