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James Gilray
Apr 29, 2021
MoveData introduces Convert Leads functionality

Nonprofits can use Leads to document an expression of interest for any number of interactions, especially when there is a clear goal to qualify interest before creating other records like a Contact.

If your Organisation uses Leads as a “prospect list” to solicit donations, merchandise sales or fundraisers for an upcoming event then MoveData Lead Conversion will automatically convert Leads into Contacts and Accounts when such activity occurs. Here’s how it works using a donation example

  1. Leads are loaded into Salesforce and marketing collateral sent
  2. A donation is made via the source platform
  3. When processing the donation into Salesforce, MoveData runs your Salesforce Duplicate and Matching Rules and detects a matching lead already exists (here’s how)
  4. MoveData converts the Lead into a Contact and Account and associates the new Contact and Account records with the donation (represented by an Opportunity record in Salesforce)

Watch the demonstration video:


Please reach out to your account manager if you would like this enabled in your Salesforce Org.