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MoveData is a fast, easy and affordable way for Nonprofits to push real time data into Salesforce. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Sydney, MoveData processes millions of data notifications every month and is 100% Australian-owned.

#1 Problem Solved: Data Entry

To get the most out of Salesforce you need to feed it data which is both timely and comprehensive. But entering data into Salesforce is challenging. You needed to export CSV files, transform and upload into Salesforce – every day, every week, every month. Inevitably there is a lag on data making its way in. You get things wrong, this was a job nobody wants to do and you know you are wasting valuable time and money. At the same time commissioning custom integrations between the platforms you use and Salesforce is not an option because it is too expensive. Zapier connectors aren’t comprehensive enough and always seem to be breaking. MoveData solves this problem by supplying an integration toolkit built specifically for Nonprofits who use Salesforce. We provide live API connections which link the platforms you use to Salesforce by automatically translating live platform data into a format Salesforce can easily read. Read the case study on how Chris O’Brien Lifehouse implemented MoveData and saved 1,200 hours of data entry time each year.

MoveData has seamlessly solved something which was always very time consuming, manual and open for errors
~ Chris O’Brien Lifehouse

#2 Problem Solved: Single View of Supporters

It’s not enough to upload data from just one or two platforms. Engagement is inbound and supporters interact with your organisation through multiple channels. To derive deep business intelligence and take meaningful interactions to uplift engagement and fundraising with your supporters – you need to know everything they are doing. Imagine how much more powerful it will be when you can reach out and see over the past 12 months that the person you are talking to has fundraised by running a marathon as part of a team, purchased a t-shirt from your online store, and has been on your regular giving program for the past seven months. Collating this information and linking it up in Salesforce is difficult. MoveData solves this problem by providing live API connections into all the platforms your supporters use – and pushing that information real time into Salesforce for a single view of supporters. Read the case study on how Leukaemia Foundation Australia used MoveData to connect fundraising and donor information from Frontstream, Everyday Hero, Funraisin’, Shopify and Grassrootz to enable a single view of supporters.

We depend on MoveData to deliver tens of thousands of real-time donations and registrations into Salesforce – so we can successfully run the World’s Greatest Shave and our other major campaigns
~ Leukaemia Foundation Australia

#3 Problem Solved: Workflow Automation

Leveraging real time data in Salesforce enables you to uplift engagement and fundraising through intelligent reporting, segmentation and workflow automation. Connect tools like Pardot, Marketing Cloud, Autopilot and Campaign Monitor to deliver automated initiatives like: Automatically send a personalised email when someone has created a fundraising page but has not yet received a donation to it – giving them some good tips and reasons to get started Automatically create a task in Salesforce to call a supporter when they have surpassed $250 in giving for the calendar year – then place them on an email list to prospect regular givers Automatically send a personalised SMS to supporters when they have achieved 75% of their fundraising target – and if they achieve their goal you will send them a t-shirt in the mail Choices are endless and you can continually refine your message and triggers to maximise uplift. This is only possible because MoveData pushes live information into Salesforce so your marketing and business intelligence tools can get to work. Read the case study on how Cure Cancer Australia used MoveData to automate email and SMS journeys to their supporters.

Information sent by MoveData plugs straight into existing tools like Pardot and Twilio, and we have seen improved metrics across the board as people engage with their fundraising more actively
~ Cure Cancer Australia

Our Story

Founders James Gilray and James Kent are technology professionals with a deep passion for serving the social sector. While running a software agency and implementing Salesforce solutions for Nonprofits a trend started to emerge.

“Out of choice, legacy or force – Nonprofits were using multiple platforms to facilitate their fundraising. We’ve had examples where PayPal or Stripe might have been used on their website, Everyday Hero in mass participation events, Good2Give for workplace giving, maybe they would have a feature campaign on Funraisin’ or Raisely – and there was this wealth of information which was being manually uploaded weeks after the activity occurred, or it was not making its way into Salesforce at all. This is not a good approach to CRM and there is a massive opportunity cost associated with it” – James Gilray, Customer Success Director.

The two set out to solve this problem and created a suite of real time integrations which would connect popular Nonprofit platforms into Salesforce. This would be architected in such a way that data would flow into Salesforce automatically and produce a consistent result in Salesforce no matter the data source – and could accommodate customised fields, objects and third party installed applications in the target Salesforce account.

James Kent, Technical Director says “This isn’t the easiest thing to do. Each platform surfaces their data in different ways and through varied structures. Data needs to be transformed, standardised and treated to make its way into Salesforce in an accurate, predictable and repeatable manner that consistently works for any supported platform the charity uses. Further, it needs to be highly configurable to accommodate customisations already made, or made in the future as the customer’s Salesforce grows and evolves over time”.

Through this process of delivering multiple real time Salesforce integrations to Nonprofits MoveData was born. We’ve seen first hand how dramatically reduces the number of hours spent on data entry, provides customers with better access to their disparate supporter information, and enables new workflow and marketing automations which leverage the real time data flowing into Salesforce. Through MoveData, we believe we can democratise capabilities which were previously only available to enterprise organisations with large teams and deep budgets.

If you think MoveData could help, or if you would like to ask us anything at all, please get in touch!

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