About MoveData


MoveData is a fast, easy and affordable way for Non-Profits to push real time donation, fundraiser and other data into their CRM of choice. Specialising in Salesforce, MoveData processes millions of data notifications every month and empowers customers to eradicate data entry, unlock real time sales and marketing capabilities, and form strategic insights which would otherwise be unknown. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Sydney with additional offices in Melbourne, MoveData is 100% Australian-owned and profitable.

Our story

Founders James Gilray and James Kent are technology professionals with a deep passion and commitment to serving the social sector throughout Australia and more broadly the world. After creating a software agency and doing a lot of work in Salesforce and Non-Profits, a consistent trend started to emerge.

“What we kept seeing was that a charity would use PayPal or Stripe on their website, Everyday Hero for mass participation events, Good2Give for their workplace giving, maybe they would have a dedicated campaign on Funraisin’ – and there was this wealth of information which was being manually entered weeks after the activity occurred with all the associated human error, or it was not making its way into Salesforce at all. This is not a good approach to CRM and there is a massive opportunity cost associated with this” – James Gilray, MoveData’s Customer Success Director.

The two set out to solve this problem and started creating real time integrations with various industry platforms. This would be done in such a way that data would flow into Salesforce automatically and would consistently work across all of the different platforms – regardless of the customisations, third party add-ons and configuration changes already made and made in the future to the target Salesforce account.

James Kent, MoveData’s Technical Director says “This is not the easiest thing to do. Each platform surfaces their data in varied ways and in different structures. The data needs to be transformed, standardised and treated in order to make its way into Salesforce in an accurate, predictable and repeatable manner that consistently works for every platform the charity might use.”

So after about 12 months of blood, sweat and tears MoveData was finally born. We’ve seen first hand how we’re providing our clients with better access to their information, unlocking new sales, marketing and business intelligence capabilities, and freeing up human resources so they can be assigned to more valuable tasks now that data entry is automated. Through MoveData, we believe we can democratise technology which was previously only available to enterprise organisations with deep budgets.

We truly love our customers and always strive to give one hundred percent – so if you think MoveData could help you, or if you would like to ask us anything at all, please get in touch. Thank you for reading a little bit about our journey so far!